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    Centre for Foundation & General Studies

    Inculcating a mindset of lifelong learning by providing student-centered holistic education which will equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable our students to excel and go beyond global challenges and opportunities.


    A world class educational centre in a multicultural environment.


    Message From Head Of Centre

    Welcome to MUCM’s Centre for Foundation and General Studies, which accommodates and prepares students for entrance to degree programmes offered at MUCM. In addition, the Centre offers other short courses falling under general studies.

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    Dr. Rashmirekha Sahoo



    Why does your centre exist within MUCM?

    The Centre for Foundation and General Studies at MUCM is a specially created facility that houses and prepares students for admission to degree programmes at MUCM, as well as a few other general studies courses. The early integration programme at Foundation in Science program of CFGS is designed to ensure smooth sailing of students during their MBBS, BDS, and allied health years.

    What Do You Do?

    CFGS conducts the Foundation in Science (FIS) program which fulfills the entry requirements for the degree programs at MUCM and other tertiary institutions.

    Apart from providing the pre-university programme, it also acts as a centre for acquiring lifelong skills in various fields. It conducts short courses to upskill working adults and improve their careers and lives. CFGS also tries to give school leavers exposure to university life, thus helping them make decisions about what suits them best.

    CFGS coordinates the MPU unit, which caters to MPU subjects across all the degree programmes at MUCM.

    Programmes Offered

    Courses Available

    Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint for Beginners

    Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint for Beginners

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    Ms. Fadhilah Idris

    • Awarded 3rd Place in the Lightning Talk Competition at the 2nd Malaysian Anatomical Association Education Symposium (MAAES), 2023.
    • Won 2nd Prize in the World Anatomy Day Challenge organized by Malaysian Anatomical Association (MAA), 2022.

    Ms. Jolyne Ng Choo Ting

    • Was acknowledged for her decade-long dedication and loyalty to MUCM through the receival of the Long Service Award during the MUCM Silver Jubilee Dinner 2022.
    • Emerged as the 1st Prize Winner for her e-poster “Promoting Discussion in the Pre-Medical Language Classroom using Virtual Gallery Walk” presented at the 2nd Malaysian Association of Applied Linguistics International Conference MAALIC 2021.

    Dr. Rashmirekha Sahoo

    • Won “Best Poster Presentation” at 1st Asean Medical Education Conference Bangkok (Presenter)

    Muhammad Amirul Hakim bin Hamidon (FIS 28)

    Nurhusaini Abbas bin Nizamudin (FIS 28)

    Ahmad Arif bin Abu Bakar (FIS 28)

    Ilyana ‘Athirah binti Mohd Taufik (FIS 28)

    • Finished up to the Octo final round Pertandingan Debat Hak Asasi Manusia 2024 UiTM Johor, Segamat Johor 18-21 February 2024

    Priyashana Shudib Kumar (FIS 25)

    • 2nd Place Group Performance in Intervarsity Dance Competition (Kalakshetra 4.0) University Sains Malaysia, Penang 5th May 2023