Research Management Centre


    Why does your centre exist within MUCM?

    The Research Management Centre (RMC) has been established by the Manipal University College Malaysia in 2022, with an aim of having an excellent institution with a robust research, development and innovative environment.

    • Cultivate and enhance research culture

    • Disseminate research findings through publication, print media, training programs and seminars

    • Facilitate intellectual properties (IP) creation

    • Coordination of research information

    • Provide effective financial management for research activities

    • Fulfilling MUCM’s aim of becoming a full-fledged university


    Footprint of RMC

    Nourishment of Research environment in MUCM


    Organising of training program


    Organising different workshop


    Scientific conference organisation

    Establishment of Multidisciplinary research laboratory


    ISO standard laboratory


    Promoting research collaboration

    Grant initiation & grant management


    Internal research grant of MUCM


    National research grants (FRGS, MOSTI)


    International research grant (NIH/WHO)


    Industrial research Grant

    IP rights & Product Commercialization


    Promoting MUCM-R&D Company joint research programme


    Encourage Lecturer s for more IPR

    MyRA/SETARA/MQA QS Ranking


    Awareness on ISI indexed Publication


    Overall quality upliftment of research

    What Do You Do?

    Promote and organize research efforts of the University in a planned, coordinated and synchronize way.

    Co-ordinate with MyGRANTS and MOHE for application and processing of external research grant.

    Promote MUCM internal research grant to foster in house research activities.

    Co-ordinating and supervise the process of signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandum of agreement (MOA) with other reputed University to foster the collaboration and research activity.

    Prepare the policies, rules, regulations and procedures concerning the conduct of research and distribution of research grants, conferences, publications, intellectual properties and Annual Research Performance Indices (ARPI).

    Provide logistics support including, planning, conceptualization and development of research lab, secretarial services, research assistance, etc.

    Prepare and manage the documentation for MyRA.

    Monitor the progress of research projects, make suggestions for improvements and help overcome any problem facing the implementation of projects.

    Provide consultancy services to both private and public sectors.

    Collect information on fields related to its activities and systematize and disseminate it for the benefit of research activities and public policy of the countries concerned.

    Provide short courses/training/workshop on research methodology for academic staff of the University.


    Message From The Pro Vice Chancellor

    Welcome to Manipal University College Malaysia's Faculty of Allied Health. We take pleasure in developing competent and compassionate healthcare professionals as a premier institution in healthcare education. Our broad curriculum guarantees a well-rounded learning experience in areas such as Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy thanks to cutting-edge facilities and committed faculty.

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    Prof. Dr Adinegara Lutfi Abas


    Members Of Research Board

    Prof Dr Adinegara Lutfi Abas

    CEO – JVMC & Vice Chancellor - MUCM

    Prof Dr Renjith George

    Chairperson, Intellectual Property Unit - IP

    Prof Dr Htoo Htoo Kyaw Soe

    Chairperson, Research Ethics Committee

    Prof Dr Sowmya Nettem

    Chairperson, Grant Initiative & Management Unit - GMU

    Prof Dr Soumendra Sahoo

    Director, Centre for Transformative Learning - CTL

    Prof. KL Karanth

    Chairperson Cochrane Scientific Committee

    Dr Faidruz Azura Jam

    Program Manager of Research Management Centre (RMC)

    Ms Rosmiyani Sahdom

    Quality Control of RMC



    Develop Central Research Facilities (CRF) of MUCM to promote the research


    Develop advanced Central Statistics Facilities (CSF) of MUCM to support the research lab


    Develop Research Management System (RMS) software for tracking, reporting, and displaying of individual research performance over time period. MoU with University Malaya, SOCSO


    Listed MUCM in MyRA and MyGRANTS

    Programmes Offered

    RMC has organized different HRD Corps affiliated workshops and training programs monthly with MMA and MDC CPD points.

    Key Areas For Frgs Proposal Writing and How To Write A Good Research Grant

    Key Areas For Frgs Proposal Writing and How To Write A Good Research Grant

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    Courses Available

    Key Areas For Frgs Proposal Writing and How To Write A Good Research Grant

    Key Areas For Frgs Proposal Writing and How To Write A Good Research Grant

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